Meet Teresa Mamba

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Meet Teresa Mamba

Sewing business (designer)

Teresa started her business before the Kutimela project was started, and offered Gone Rural Artisans training around the importance of saving and saving schemes. She used to patch clothes for customers in her community, so she had a good start to her business. 

She would use the money she earned and buy material and sew different designs of clothing, such as aprons and school uniforms around Hhukwini. She now has big orders every year to deliver uniforms for Dlangeni Primary school and Mdzimba High school.

She started with a cash flow off R250 to buy the material and cotton treads. She then joined the Kutimela saving group and took a loan of R500 to boost her business.
Teresa’s business is now doing well as she is selling uniforms to different schools. There is a lot of progress as she makes enough profit, in addition to her Gone Rural income, to feed and keep her busy.