Mr. Sabelo Dlamini

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Mr. Sabelo Dlamini

Name of the Individual/ Community:  Mr. Sabelo Dlamini
Location: Bovane Mpini Chiefdom.
Thematic Area: Ntontozi Constituency- Manzini Region

Sabelo Dlamini aged 52 years, married has been living at Mpni since birth. 
The life of the people of Mpini’s lives have greatly improved, as the community was lacking behind in development as compared to the other nearby communities.  I personal is very grateful that the project was implemented in our area, especially the aspects of assisting our community with toilets, as a large number of homesteads did not have toilets. 

The hygiene education classes we attended greatly improved the quality of life in the area, as after the training people began or notice or care about the health status of our community and the of the water bodies to minimize the spread and transmitting of water related diseases