Mrs. Thandazile Dlamini

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Mrs. Thandazile Dlamini

Name of the Individual/ Community:  Mrs. Thandazile Dlamini
Location: eNjeni KaNdinda Chiefdom.
Thematic Area: Ntontozi Constituency- Manzini Region

Thandazile Dlamini widower of 39 years, started to live at KaNdinda when she got married in 2008. “When I came in to the area the standard of living was very poor such that most of the homesteads inclusive of my own did not have any sanitation facilities. The issue of collecting water was a different story as we used to walk almost two kilometres to and from collecting water, such that the issue of hygiene was not that much emphasised as water was used very sparely. 

A thousand thanks to GRb and the donor Voss Foundation, as our lives has greatly improved, we spent less time in collecting water than we used to, thus we are able to dedicate the time into other activities which have led to the improvement of standard of living. Even the children now has more time to focus into their studies and they no longer absent themselves on regular basis as a result of frequently unwell.